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Last year Julia Barth had the opportunity to work with Jim Kelley of Champions DFW Realty and produce several segments for Texas Money and Business Radio Show on 620 AM KEXB. All segments are listed here with a description and a link to Champions’ podcast page where you can listen to the full segment and download it for free. Also make sure to follow us on social media  for continual tips and updates.

December 1, 2016

In this segment Jim and Julia discussed the topic of due diligence, explaining to the importance of doing a thorough job and providing helpful tips for dealing with certain scenarios that may arise.


September 5, 2016

Have you taken a good look at our market recently? Development in our metro-plex is always a hot topic and in this segment Julia and Jim talk about our booming business and future growth.


February 14, 2016

Buyers Beware! In this important segment, Julia and Jim discuss the importance of obtaining a title policy for protection against unpaid debts.


January 27, 2016

Thinking about getting involved in the commercial real estate business? Make sure you’re aware of different legal matters pertaining to these transactions or better yet, hire an expert!

Radio Show Segments Regarding Real Estate

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